Mosman Park, Western Australia

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Designed to create an Australian “desert outback” dining experience like no other. The ideas that are exposed in the restaurant are the deep urban reds of the earth, the natural resources of iron ore, the rugged bushlands and the natural wildlife. One of the prominent features of the restaurant is the glass enclosed kitchen core. The notion of centrally locating this zone is derived from the Australian native Aboriginal culture. The tradition of gathering around the campfire – representing the “hearth” of the space, where people gather to eat, talk, dance and mingle. The iron ore clad walls were created from 55 tonne of Iron Ore shipped over to the US from Western Australia’s North. The tactile form of these walls evoke the raw, harsh nature of the Australian climate. Two large Boab inspired custom booth features were created from laser cut stainless steel boomerangs welded together to form two private restaurant dining areas. Inspired from the traditional shape of the 2. boomerang and repetition of patterning, they are lit from within and serve to form a unique dining experience for clientele.


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