Mosman Park, Western Australia

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The primary intention is to create a new school building that preserve the existing “court” configuration in order to mantain the character of the Campus and improve the connections between all the buildings. This is the reason of the proposed location for the new school.The proposed building is designed with the clearly idea of maximise the visual connection between the northern and southern recrational areas of the campus with a strong design and an open plan configuration, in line with the design principles for a modern school.

The new school building will assume an important role as a bonding agent between the open spaces and the other buildings. For this purpose, all the classrooms are directly connected to the indoor and outdoor recreational area.
The multipurpose-break out, located in the centre of the space becomes the main covered recreational space of the development, a flexible space to accomodate different activities. In addition, every classroom has an indoor and outdoor teaching space to satisfy the different way of learning.

The objective is to bring together passive and active design solutions by using highly energy efficient components and sustainable materials and finishes in the assembly of the building and interior space. The north-south orientation of the school ensure natural ventilation through the building acheiving the required building sustenibility and comfort.

In order to mantain the maximum flexibility, an open plan configuration and to reduce the construction costs, the grid with the square module becomes the concept of the new plan arrangment. Large glass windows and the location of the service areas on the side of the classrooms ensures visual connections, permeability and natural ventilation through the building.

The PENCILS in their colours and forms are the fundament of the new school concept, giving a clear character to the building and freshness on the design look.The outcome of this space is invitingly warm and nurturing with a distinctive, playful ambiance.


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