Mosman Park, Western Australia

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Without doubt the largest, most successful, technologically advanced ,licensed entertainment complex in Australia. Custom designed to accommodate the live performance of international touring acts as well as the corporate multifunctional operations of a nightclub venue. The ultra-modern design aestethic which distinctly represents the entertainment use of the building orchestrated using a restrictive range of high tech/hard edged materials. The combination of stone, glass,steel and raw exposed concrete panels,culminate a somewhat masculine exterior which demands attention.

Comprising of five independent floor levels and encompassing ten unique bars and lounges, this entertainment complex is the first of its kind. With cantilevered viewing terraces, a main stage,production areas and an elevated dance floor, the interior design concepts seem to mirror (to an extent), the exterior design aesthetic. Suggestive/ interpretative themes ranging from an up-market Egyptian style VIP room, bar in the shape of a Vikings boat and the interpretation of a free form, were developed to give the different lounge bar areas a unique sense of personality.

Suggestive and interpretive themes were developed to give the 10 different bar areas a unique sense of personality. Repetition of geometric patterns and materials such as steel and concrete were carried throughout both the interior and exterior of the building .The unique interpretation of these materials internally, are intriguing yet tactile with elements of simplicity. The reflected stair tread detail and robust steel railing aid in creating an illusional maze within the main arena. Towering steel rigging is also used repeatedly throughout the space to create a unique sense of drama throughout the venue.


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